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Enter the rabbit hole! It revolves around the world in a limitless figure of eight. Boundless, in the extremities of time. It s immeasurable in it s complexity, perpetual in it s own rights. It absorbs and hypnotizes it s subjects with a grace and enlightenment of a newborn child. You remember the beating of the heart. It s this pulse, that carries through a million generations... and beyond! When one beat ceases, somewhere els

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Since the dawn of time, man has been curious about his existence. In a world that doesn t make sense, what is the answer? We think we are in control, but, are we? Could it be another source that is controlling our destiny? Thoughts? Emotions? Feeling? Movement? Can it really be possible for the group consciousness to be affected by such an entity? Or are sonic impulses taking over our true reality? Those who have

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